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Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate


Cooperativa Agricola Cesenate, thanks to its over 2000 associated  growers, is the Italian leader in seed multiplication.
The history starts in the years following  the end of World War 2, during  the process of reconstruction of the rural economy.

CAC was established as a cooperative for the common use of agricultural machines and for the common purchase and distribution of pesticides, fertilizers and other means of agricultural production. The seed activity started in the 50’s, when the area was recognized suitable for seed production by the major seed Companies in North Europe. CAC  followed the new demand with the construction of a plant for cleaning the seeds produced by its associated farmers. The good climatic conditions and the skill of local growers boosted the demand for seeds and the area became famous for its production of sugar beet and many species of vegetable seeds. With the increase of demand for seeds and the increase of isolation among different varieties, the growing area was extended to the neighbor areas in Emilia Romagna and  further South to Marche, in search of new locations to fulfill the increasing demand. To give assistance to the growers spread on a wider area CAC organized its  network of specialized technicians  and in 1975 moved to the actual location, where it was built a new plant for processing, which was enlarged and renewed to the actual size in the years. Following the demand of the market production moved to hybrids and the portfolio of customers  was expanded to the Pacific  and to America.
Today the production of seeds is extended on over 4.000 hectares and carried by more than 2000 associated farmers who run small, medium and large farms on a wide area of the National territory.

CAC is committed to satisfy the requests of its customers through the production of seeds of high quality and the supply of services related to seed business which are of benefit for its associated farmers and for its employees.

Commitment for quality :
Achievement of Quality is one of CAC’s main goals. Therefore the process of production, cleaning and packaging of seeds is submitted to Quality Assurance System according the norms UNI EN ISO 9001-2008.

Social Accountability :
The commitment of producing seeds of high quality is pursued within the respect of the National and Regional norms and laws. CAC adopted a code  for the ethical governance of its activities, including the respect of rights of its workers according ILO standards. CAC adopted a policy for the correct use of environmental  resources and territory.

The System is certified according  the standards UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.
As a result of this commitment CAC gained  EMAS registration (CE 1221/09)

EMAS CERT. N2054 CERT. N116 REG. IT. 4784
REG. NO. I-000192
CERT. N2054 CERT. N116 REG. IT. 4784
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Stabilimento CAC

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